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Love to write?

Want the world to hear your words?

Well we here at TheGenerationClub are doing just that!

We at T.G.C (you can call us that too ;p) are here to give the writers or artists or your mailman or anyone who loves to write!, a chance to write about whatever you love and get published on, and that too for free! ***WHATT!!****MIND BLOWN***

Here at the Generation Club you are free to write about something or anything that you love or are passionate about, maybe your trip to the north between the mountains and how small it made you feel in between the sky breaking snow covered mountains, or about some people of different culture you met in the train, or your travel as a foodie eating everything you got your hands on, or on any social issue , religious issues, animal cruelty or simply write about your photography. You write poems too? Cool! bring it on!


What we’re trying to do here is make words, opinions and experiences reach thousands if not millions of people, to people form all over the world, of any age, of any generation.

How to be an author at TGC-

  • Write a kick-ass blog post. (duhh!)
  • Mail us the word document of your post with the mail subject being your blog’s topic.
  • Mail it on:-
  • Also remember to include links of your social profiles like facebook, instagram, etc.
  • Then after we check your post and find everything is ok, we’ll publish it!
  • You’ll get an email when you’re blog is published.
  • Thats it!!

What a blog should contain-

  • At least 500 words.
  • Some awesome images
  • Nothing controversial!
  • And you’re good to go!

Each and every blog you write , the whole credit is given to you, enjoy it, share it on your social profiles, we’ll also include your name, your instagram and facebook username in the blog so the people know its you who wrote it! (HI-FIVE!)

Looking forward to hear form you, you awesome peoples!